Discord Clementine Integration

The Integration running on Linux
The Integration running on Windows

Behold! The latest and greatest version of my Discord ‘Now Playing’ Integration family!

Ditching Spotify because it doesn’t support it’s API’s very well, I decided I’d go with a cross-platform music player with a good API. Despite some initial hurdles, Clementine has served me well in this respect, plus it has Spotify support itself!

The installation process couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Download the appropriate file from the list below.
  2. Extract it somewhere
  3. Install DotnetCore v2.0.0
  4. Run dotnet discordClementineRemoteDotNet.dll from your command line interface
    This will generate the appsettings.json file, you may need to kill it if it just sits there and complains.
  5. Find your Discord Token and paste it into appsettings.json where it says YOURTOKEN
  6. Run dotnet discordClementineRemoteDotNet.dll from your command line interface
    This time with the Token in the config file, it should work fine.
  7. Profit!!!

If you want it to happen automatically, you can quite easily tell either windows or linux to execute Step 6 when you login.

For Linux you can add it to your .bashrc file, or instruct your Desktop Environment to start it when it starts.

For Windows you can schedule a task to run it, or a batch file which runs it.


If you just want to download and run it, you can find the releases here:



In the spirit of free and open source software, here’s a link to my repo so you can tell me how terrible I am at coding make sure I’m not doing anything naughty.