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The Sports Warehouse database updating page The Sports Warehouse Ski Hire page with data read in from the database The Sports Warehouse 'Contact Us' page The Sports Warehouse location page with theoretical Google Maps integration.

Live Demo at:

This is the Sports Warehouse website I developed during my Cert 4 Web Development course at TAFE in 2013.
The assessment criteria for this website’s development required that I emulate the design I had been given as closely as possible. Aside from a certain uncooperative element which insists on being a pixel or two off, I was successful in that respect, though it required enough wrestling with CSS to last a lifetime. The functionality of the website was much easier to implement.

The site boasts not only a basic Content Management System, but also a session protected administration section and a javascript validated contact form. The Content Management System (accessed via the Administration section) executes SQL queries to retrieve and update the information on the linked database which is used to populate the Ski Hire Table. The administration section is protected by a test on arrival on each page as to whether the user’s session has been validated. Validation occurs on successfully logging in, which is done by comparing the username and password entered by the user to a list of valid usernames and passwords on the database. The javascript validated contact form doesn’t actually perform any contacting, but it does ensure that suitably configured data is entered into the required fields.

I am pleased with how this design turned out, though the content segregation leaves something to be desired and the organisation of features is slightly inadequate, I find the overall quality of the design to be personally satisfactory.

You can hopefully click Here to view a ‘live’ fully-functional demo.