Tally Ho! A new CMS site appears on the Horizon!

Source: http://cdn.mamamia.com.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Success-kid-4-720x547.jpg

Okay, so! After quite some time in development stages (wrestling with CSS mostly), my new WordPress based site is now ready to take it’s spot in the limelight!
As happy as I was with my old site (you can read more about it here) it was a pain to update frequently, which was not helpful in building up an accurate representation of my projects.

So I bade it a fond farewell and started trying to port it to WordPress… Developing a WordPress theme is even more of a pain than straight up vanilla web dev though… So I wound up compromising for a pleasant looking similar-ish theme I found online. Porting the content was relatively easy, but it took me some time to tweak the new theme to my satisfaction (getting image galleries working as they used to was particularly problematic).

Now that this is done, I can switch it to my primary domain and shuffle off my old site to a subdomain for posterity’s sake.

The Future is Here! The End is Nigh! Rejoice! Repent!
Enjoy 🙂